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ASM concerned about the quality of its products and trustworthiness of our clients has safe and trust facilities and process, giving ASM the following certifications:

• Good Management and Honey Packing Practices Certificate, coordinated by the General Direction of Food Safety in Agrifood, Aquiculture, and Fishing (DGIAAP, for its acronym in Spanish) from the Sanitary, Food Safety and Quality National Service, (SENASICA, for its acronym in Spanish).

• NSF- True Source Honey Process and Traceability Certification.

With the main objective of guarantee to our clients the salubrity of our honey, ASM performs strict laboratory analysis to our products. Those analyses are made in Mexico, Europe and United States of America in prestigious laboratories.

It is also important to mention that ASM has top facilities, those facilities are essential to ensure quality. Such facilities have homogenization tanks with 33 tons capacity in order to guarantee full shipments and the traceability and quality of the honey.