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The honey is the world´s oldest known sweetener. The mix of natural sugars and water is absorbed by our organism in a slower way that the normal sugar and makes that we have less sugar ups and downs. The honey bee is not only a sweetener it also has a lot of little substances (more than 200)

The honey has alimentary and therapeutic properties but also can sweeten up to 25 times more that the regular sugar.

The natural honey bee is bactericide, antioxidant and antibiotic.

The following table presents the most common components of the honey bee:

Component Range
Water 14 – 22 %
Fructose 28 – 44 %
Glucose 22 – 40 %
Saccharose 0,2 – 7 %
Maltose 2 – 16 %
Other sugars 0,1 – 8 %
Proteins and Amino acid 0,2 – 2 %
Vitamins, enzymes, hormones and other organic acids 0,5 – 1 %
Minerals 0,5 – 1,5 %
Ash 0,2 – 1,0 %

The honey has many components that makes it has lot of benefits.
Been the honey rich in polyphenols make it acts as an antioxidant. This is because the polyphenols are bioactive compounds with antioxidant capacity and those generate healthy benefits, prevent several diseases and neutralize aging process, to name a few.

The honey helps the probiotic bacterium to grow in our organism. The oligosaccharides that the honey contains motive an increase in bifid bacterium and lactobacillus and those give power to the probiotic effect in our body.

According to several studies the bactericidal properties of honey can be very effective in preventing gastrointestinal disorders that are caused by bacterium, such as peptic ulcers, gastritis or gastroenteritis.

On the other hand it has been observed that pure honey unprocessed help to control tumor growth and metastasis; because of that the honey could become a nutritional supplement in cancer therapies.

Another benefit that pure unprocessed honey has is that helps reducing cardiovascular risk factors, that is because of the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides goes down with the honey and increases the HDL cholesterol. This effect occurs even that two of its compounds (sucrose and fructose) are considered as risk factors for heart disease.

The bactericidal properties and anti-inflammatory action of the honey help to clean the wounds infection, reduce pain and improve circulation and accelerating the healing process. It's the same in the treatment of burns; with increased resistance of bacterium has been found that the unprocessed honey increase the burns healing of second and third degree.

Additional benefits and uses of pure unprocessed honey are:

• Effective for Cough: Honey with Lemon helps relieve cough, because it kills bacteria, covers the walls of the throat and soften it.

• Calming effects on the body: Eat a spoonful of honey a day, produces a calming effect on our body.

• Excellent for allergies treatment: The honey stimulates the immune system, this helps to control pollen allergies.

• Lowers Cholesterol: Honey is a great remedy for lowering cholesterol in the arteries.

• Prevents Heart problems: Honey fights heart problems because it strengthens the muscle and rhythmic movement.

• Prevents constipation: Honey is effective for constipation because it's a natural laxative.

• Promotes digestion: The honey helps digestion naturally.

• Helps lowering weight: Take one tablespoon of honey every night helps to lose weight, because this causes metabolic changes and helps to have a better rest with the release of serotonin.

It is recommend that the honey is consumed preferably at room temperature or in a double boiler uncrystillized not exceeding 40 ° C. This seeking that honey does not lose its properties.